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Please use this form to request an event and/or appearance.

Note that requests should be made about 2-3 months prior to your event.

What you need to know before clicking the submit button:

  • The 501st Legion Malaysia Garrison is an all volunteer and non-profit organization. Thus we do not accept payment for appearances. Our membership consists of volunteers, most of whom hold full-time jobs outside of Legion activities. Normally we ask for donations to be made to our nominated charities in return for our services.
  • Our ability to satisfy an event request depends on a number of factors including availability of members, location and time of the events. Events which directly or indirectly benefit the community and/or charity organizations generally receive a better chance of a 501st appearance than private functions (e.g., birthday parties, weddings).
  • Anyone submitting a request through this form should be someone who has authority of the event and should be over 18 years of age.
  • We cannot guarantee certain Star Wars characters, or numbers, so if you have a specific request, talk to us at
  • Also of note, at the request of Lucasfilm, LTD. it is the policy of our organization to refrain from any lightsaber dueling, mock fighting or demonstrations between the characters and the public and amongst the characters in a public setting where injuries could occur. Thank you for your understanding.

Should there be any technical issues concerning the website, please contact the Web Liaison at Do take note that any event requests going to the Web Liaison email will not be entertained, please use the form provided below.