Joining the 501st

What is required to join?

Members must be 18 years of age or older and own a high-quality costume representing any of the characters conforming to the 501st Legion's character approval statement which is found on the main 501st Legion website. You can find a list of currently recognized costumes as well as guidelines in the Costume Reference Library section of the site.

There are no fees and the only requirements pertain to age and especially the costume quality. The 501st is simply a fun, all-volunteer group of fans representing characters from the Star Wars saga with the goal of contributing to our local as well as international community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

It is highly recommended that potential members attend as a Minder for a few events where the 501st Legion Malaysia makes an appearance to better familiarize yourself to the way we operate and the tasks we conduct to ensure a mission goes smoothly.

If you are under 18, please check out the Galactic Academy, a group created for our younger cadets. If you are looking to create a Jedi, X-wing pilot or other hero character visit the Rebel Legion.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers to common questions please see the FAQ page 501st Legion Malaysia FAQ

How do I get a costume?

Generally speaking, our members make their own costumes. To make it easier to get help with your desired project, the 501st has formed detachments focused on particular costumes. Visit the detachments page on the main 501st Legion website to find the right group for you and your future costumed character.

Once you've settled on a character it's just a matter of heading over to that forum, signing up, and getting help from the experts!

At the same time, you should visit our Official Facebook Fan Resource page where members from 501st Legion Malaysia will be able to guide you as you work on your costume. Remember to also Research your costume.

NOTE: Star Wars costumes that are commercially available in stores or online (such as Ebay) may not be acceptable for membership! It is recommended that you contact our Garrison Membership Liaison or check out the documents over at the Facebook Fan Resource page before purchasing a retail costume to find out if it is accepted or what modifications might be required.

I've got my costume, now what?

Once you have your costume finished, you need to prepare your photos and submit your application.

Preparing your photographs

The Garrison Membership Liaison (GML) will need to verify your qualifications and will ask for pictures of you in your costume for validation. To see who our current GML is, you can refer to our Members page.

The following tips will help make sure that you get the right photos to the GML on your first try:

  • Only submit pictures of yourself alone against a plain background (no convention photos, please).
  • We will need photos with your helmet/mask on and off (if applicable).
  • You must include full-length views of your costume from the front, back and both sides.
  • Be sure to take your photos with adequate lighting and at a high-resolution to help us inspect the details.
  • Do not wear any non-canon accessories or add ons (unit patches, extra weapons, pauldrons when not part of the canon costume etc...)
  • If you include any weapons such as a blaster or lightsaber, please ensure that they conform to the 501st Legion's weapons policy.

Submitting your application

Once the GML confirms that your suit is complete and valid for membership, fill out the online application.

When your application is approved, you will receive confirmation via e-mail. Your Legion ID will be assigned and your record marked as "ACTIVE" in the 501st Legion member database. A photo of you as well as your profile card will be included in the 501st Legion Members page. Please note that the 501st is an all-volunteer organization and the application may take several weeks to review.

If for some reason you are not validated for membership, your local GML will work with you and provide recommendations and resources that can assist you in modifying your costume to meet Legion requirements.

Start Trooping!

Congratulations! You've made it to the fun part: Trooping!

We strongly recommend that you take some time and read the Trooper Survival Guide. This is the definitive guide to being a 501st member, and should help you get familiar with all the things you need to know.

Overall, trust your fellow brother and sister in the Garrison and have fun as you troop with us in ensuring our mission of charity and volunteer work is done.