About Malaysia Garrison

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The Malaysian chapter of the 501st Legion, known as the Malaysia Garrison comprises of members from Malaysia. All gathered into one group with the interest of promoting charity, goodwill and fun with the use of Screen Accurate costumes from all Star Wars movies and other media's of Star Wars including its games, animated series and even comic books. This includes the Expanded Universe from the Lucasfilm era before Disney.

We currently have over 30 confirmed members in Malaysia with a few from the states of Perak, Malacca and Sabah.

Our Mission

Based on the 501st Legion Charter

For the Community

Using our costumes, the 501st Legion Malaysia aims to provide volunteer, fundraising as well as charitable work for foundations, societies and homes. Whether it is to fulfill the Christmas wish of an Orphan or to raise relief funds for a disaster, we are proud to provide our services for the good of charity and to give back to the community.

For the Group

By helping fuel or refuel the passion of Star Wars in people, we aim to celebrate our burning love of Star Wars through costuming and to bring together all like minded fans. To secure the passion of future generations and to unite them all in the name of our passion for Star Wars and to ensure the torch is passed down and the legacy of Star Wars remains alive.

For the World

Building bonds and relationships with other like minded individuals locally is one thing, but to take that to the international level is another matter entirely. The 501st Legion Malaysia aims to have close relationships with not only fans of Star Wars or members of the 501st in our region, but from all over the world. To foster unity and cherish our friendship with each other, knowing that no matter where you are, there is always a helping hand ready to help.

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