501st Malaysia Logo


Hexagon was chosen as the shape of the Garrison logo to represent strength, order and uniformity. The hexagon is one of the world’s ancient symbols and is prevalent in the natural world and is an example of order and strength, and can be seen in the beehive and microscopic organization of minerals such as quartz. The emblem of the Galactic Empire was also based on a hexagon, as represented by the six spokes. When a line is drawn to connect each end, it forms a perfect hexagon.


Standard Imperial colors were used as a base – red, black and white – as per The Maker’s depiction of the Galactic Empire. Yellow was retained from the previous Malaysia-Brunei Outpost logo since it represented the form of government for Malaysia, a form of Constitutional Monarchy where yellow is the royal color of the Malay rulers. The blue canton of the Malaysian flag symbolizes the unity of its people, and in this logo, the Garrison.


The image of the Outpost logo is based on one of Malaysia’s landmark, the National Monument. It is similar to the USMC War Memorial in Virginia. In fact, it was designed by the same sculptor, Felix de Weldon. The use of this image is to honor the country’s fallen warriors. An Imperial cog is etched into the background to complete the image of Imperial might.


The Aurabesh text says ‘Unity’ and ‘Strength’ on the left and right, respectively. These words appear on the Coat of Arms of Malaysia, where the phrase “Unity is Strength” is written and signifies the Garrison’s desire to stand united. The words “Malaysia Garrison” and “501st Legion” are written using a customized font for the ‘space/sci-fi’ look.


The 14 white lines, 7 on each sides of the lower half, represents the 13 states and Federal Territory that makes up the sector that is occupied by the Malaysia Garrison for the glory of the 501st Legion.