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IG 11047's Gunnin, Rebels Runnin

posted Apr 28, 2015, 8:33 AM by Kevin Wu

Hot on the heels of our latest recruit is Imperial Gunner, IG 11047, Iskandar "Isky" Shah. Isky as he is known among his friends, share a passion for doing good and is well respected among the members of the 501st Legion Malaysia as well as Singapore. Initially, he merely attended events alongside his wife and fellow member for events and would support from a distance. However he gradually started getting involved more and more especially with a lot more direct "influence" from his wife and he has helped mind/provide imperial support in many troops and is instrumental in keeping the troopers in tip top shape. This is especially shown with his deeds and support during the Singapore Chingay Parade 2015 where he kept the troopers marching in the parade safe with his watchful eye. The 501st Legion is lucky to have such a watchful eye in its ranks and it is apt that he has chosen the Gunner as his debut costume. Let's give a warm welcome to our newest member of 2015, Isky!