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Society of Severely Mentally Handicapped Trooping

posted Jul 9, 2012, 8:11 AM by Kevin Wu
Pn Fadilah, Sheila Majid along with Lord Vader and the Emperor's Royal Guards.
Photo taken by Ivan Wong

On Saturday the 7th of July as well as Sunday the 8th of July, the stormtroopers, royal guards and officers of the 501st Malaysia Outpost were at the Bangsar Shopping Center trooping for the Society of the Severely Mentally Handicapped. Lord Vader pried himself from his busy schedule to grace the event and even the Emperor's presence was felt when his ever intimidating Royal Guards flanked Lord Vader as he escorts Puan Fadilah and Sheila Majid during the opening of the event on Saturday.

The Event itself is a cashless event, solely relying on coupon booklets to allow the participating public to trade in the coupons for products ranging from food and beverages to daily amenities like soap. The troopers conducted the standard operations for these events by offering printed photo's onsite with a generous donation of RM 10 as well as having a walkabout while carrying the donation boxes.

The total tally of funds collected on Day 1, Saturday the 7th of July are:

RM2050 + RM104 tickets (coupons)

While on Day 2, Sunday the 8th of July are:

RM2039.65 + RM195 tickets

That brings our total of donations collected on both days to: RM4284.65!! A new Record!

Lord Vader and his retinue.
Photo taken by Desmond Wei

Thus on behalf of the Command Team as well as the Legion, Thank you to Puan Fadilah for having the 501st Legion Malaysia to grace your wonderful event, to Daniel Wong (TR6316) for successfully leading the mission as Operations Commander for the event and the ever artistically talented Mr Dave Liew as Co-Operations Commander. Our ever beloved, Aisyah Mokhtar for being the Chief Minder, keeping both minders and troopers out of harm and trouble! That goes without saying, Thank you for the great help provide fellow minders, new and old, your help was no more as important than the troopers. To our photographers, your photo's will always serve to help make the event successful as well as to make fond memories for future generations to enjoy. Finally... To the gracious and generous public for giving your heart out to those of the Severely Mentally Handicapped.

And with the end in sight, Lord Vader has a few parting words to give... "Peace Out!"

Photo taken by Ivan Wong