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Penang Pink Hibiscus Spring Akari Troop

posted Jul 16, 2012, 6:34 AM by Kevin Wu

Photo by Desmond Wei. Artwork by Dave Liew.

On Satuday, 10th March 2012, in conjuction with the 1st year anniversary of the 2011 Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster, the Penang Pink Hibiscus Club has organized a Memorial and Spring Festival bazaar to commemorate as well as to raise funds for the Child Protection Society, a call which the Northbound Squad heeded with no hesitation.

The Penang Pink Hibiscus Club is a club formed with the purpose of promoting cultural diversity, serve as a forum for multicultural education and exchanges as well as to support the families of international marriages. For more information, please click on this link to view their website.

Rotating between 2 teams, one to stay with the base for photographs and one to walkabout to drag in the crowds. A list of the troopers present during the operation are Dave (Republic Commando), Julian (Tie Pilot), Daniel (Royal Guard), Charlie (Royal Guard), Prakash (Darth Revan), Paul (Stormtrooper) and Kirby (Stormtrooper). The minder army, commanded by the ever venerable Chief Aisyah are comprised of Combat photographer, Desmond, On-site photographer Ivan and Minder Kevin.

A sum of RM 1065 was raised in the operation, a number that send ripples of joy, not only among the troopers and minders but also those in the Pink Hibiscus Club.