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Malaysia Games and Comics Convention 2012

posted May 22, 2012, 8:04 AM by Kevin Wu   [ updated May 22, 2012, 8:06 AM ]

The 501st Malaysia

The 501st Legion Malaysia have had the honor of being invited to the first ever Malaysian Games and Comic Con and from the looks of things, it is looking like a wonderful and awesome start to a very beautiful relationship between the Malaysia Outpost and the MGCCon Council and Minions!

The MGCC is a convention to bring together local artist talents and their fans in one place, as well as to promote their wonderful work. Artists like Billy Tan who worked for Marvel to Cosplay Photographer Jay Tablante himself was present. Not to mention the Cosplay Queen, Alodia Gosengfiao herself has decided to grace this event. The MGCC was held at the Damansara Jaya campus of the Kolej Damansara Utama on the 19th and 20th of May, 2012. Where members of the 501st Legion Malaysia commited themselves to MGCC as well as to Yayasan Chow Kit (Chow Kit Foundation).

Alodia and Jay Tablante. (Photo courtesy of David Brown)
Yayasan Chow Kit was started at 2006 when a day care centre was expanded to a 24 hour crisis and drop off center that provides meals, medical attention, therapy and care for the childrens of Chow Kit. They currently have 3 facilities in KL that are dedicated to providing these services to the children. The main goal of the Foundation is to protect the rights of the children's and youths at risk. To offer a safe haven as well as provide positive and holistic opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

During the two days of the troop, the 501st Legion Malaysia have successfully raised RM1206 in these 2 days for the Foundation with help from the ever supportive public and visitors to the MGCC as well as from the MGCC Council as well! Truly this would never have happened if all these ingredients had not come together to be mixed into a recipe for success!

RC Niner and Darth Maul

A multitude of characters came to support this event, even Lord Vader himself made time to stop by to greet his minions and fans! But Vader wasn't the only Darth to have come by, for his predecessor, Darth Maul also stopped by to scare some gungans away! We would also like to make a very special shout out to two very reliable, helpful and wacky minions, Ng Yew Leong and Chee Heong from KDU for helping us out for both days!

Before signing off, here is a little something from us at the Malaysia Outpost, to Dave Harris and the UKG.