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Kechara Soup Kitchen at Sunway Pyramid Day 2

posted Apr 22, 2012, 10:09 AM by Web Liason   [ updated Apr 24, 2012, 9:46 PM by Kevin Wu ]
Troopers at Day 2 of Kechara Event at Sunway Pyramid

After a troop that is nothing but outstanding, the troopers of the 501st Legion Malaysia Outpost have added another 2 days of trooping to the chalkboard. Sunway Pyramid is once again conquered by the 501st Legion after so many years since their last appearance. Kechara's food bank and charity drive was also successful with mountains of non perishable food supplies on various shopping carts as well as their food bank basket! Truly the generous spirit of the public knows no bounds and this shows that we are all still willing to help out no matter the cost. 

Kechara team assisting the Legion.

The team from Kechara were also fantastic in their help with minding and assisting the troopers and here is a shout out to Wan, Leann and the rest of the team. Also we'd like to thank the Emcee and DJ for being such wonderful people with their singing and dancing and announcing what the 501st Legion is all about to the public! And not to forget Ms May Woo for having us troop to help out the soup kitchen as well as the houses being supported by them. There truly is no greater cause than this.

In all this excitement, the 501st Legion Malaysia Outpost has successfully helped Kechara Soup Kitchen to raise a total of RM 3285 from photograph print outs and walkabout donations. This includes RM 1888 from day 1 proceeds and RM 1397 from day 2. 

Though there were a few who were unable to make it in earnest, their presence was felt and their will to commit to charity was heard, not only by us but by the public as well. It was truly an event to behold and with only better ones to come.

Tsem Rinpoche's blog has also posted about the event, the link to the blog is posted below. Please do excuse the mistake though as again, not everyone is privy to the existence of Star Wars especially to an extent that we are all familiar with.