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2012 Hobbycon and Sabah Cheshire Home Visit

posted Dec 12, 2012, 7:22 AM by Kevin Wu

On the 8th and 9th December 2012, two troopers from West Malaysia went on an operation across the South China sea to the Island of Borneo to troop on behalf of our  friends in Sabah, the Land below the Wind at Hobbycon 2012. Hobbycon is an exhibition for the arts, comics and games that is held every year since 2007 in Kota Kinabalu. Youths from across Borneo and some from West Malaysia turn up at this even to share in the joy and culture that has brought them together in this event. This year, Hobbycon 2012 is held at Citymall KK where our two troopers descended upon the crowd!

For more on Hobbycon, feel free to visit their site here to learn more about them!

Here we have an account of the event by our very own Trooper, Paul Ting.

"The 501st Legion Malaysia invited by HobbyCon organiser as mysterious guest, with only 1 stroomtrooper and royal guard answering the call to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The infamous Pol a.k.a. SaberFreak was there as our tour guide. He drove us around KK, showed us the sights and finally brought us over to our destination City Mall, our accommodation is located right inside the Mall, Clyne (Lacus) Hotel, got a rest.

The first day of the event, all the cosplayers are already out there taking pictures with visitors, the organizer told us to hold on, because we are the ‘mysterious guest’. when the VIP giving the speech, we are told to suit up and get ready. Finally, we made our first Official appearance in Sabah and Borneo!

After the walk on the stage, we went on a walkabout, taking pictures with other cosplayers and visitors.

The second day was almost the same, but this time it was pretty much free and easy, only this time we brought our own camera. we mix around with the cosplayers and we also managed to play PS3 Rock Band in our suit! Our beloved stormtrooper also got an interview from the local TV show RTM.

The overall response from the crowd is great, we were barely able to move from location to location, always standing there for half hour each photo session.

On behalf of the 501st Legion Malaysia, we would like to Thanks, Pol Nex our Tour Guide, HobbyCon organizer Julian and his wife Farah, and other HobbyCon members that give us much fun and support. We are gladly looking forward to the next celebration with Hobbycon event. May the Force be with you all.

Sabah Cheshire Home Visit

Since we flew 1200km away (and nearly 2 hours +) from our HQ, we decide to pay a visit to ahandicap home in KK.
On the morning of the third day, Pol took us to ‘Sabah Cheshire Home’ the handicap home. There, we suited up and appeared in front them, They were so surprised and their happy priceless face, some of them even crying with happy tears. We interact with them and tookpictures with them, along with their staffs and volunteers. We then mingled around for1 hour and that marks our first ever troop for Sabah and Borneo."

Click here or the picture above to visit the Sabah Cheshire Home webpage to read up more about them.